Friday, March 25, 2011


Just a few things:
  • We got a new highchair a few weeks ago. We got an awesome deal on it- it is a $150 high chair that we bought for $56. We like it so far. Abby seems to like it too.

  • My mom was able to come visit last week. We love it when she comes and she stayed with us for a few days before continuing on to see Carrie and Colton and Chloe.

  • We went to Provo last Thursday to see my cousin Doug, and on the way saw Carrie and kids in their St. Patricks clothes. Chloe loves her shamrock shirt and told me today that she will be wearing it on her birthday next month.

  • We went to visit Abby's Nana and Papa a few days later. What a lucky girl to see both of her grandmas in the same weekend!
  • Today Carrie, Chloe, and Colton came over to play with us.  They were so nice to come over in the snow. They had a lot of fun playing together.

  • And see who turned 11 months the other day?


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  1. hahaha, that last picture is awesome. so funny.


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