Thursday, September 26, 2013

1, 2, 3 (Shame on Me)...

To say that things have been busy around here is a gross understatement.
I promised to update you, and I haven't. Sorry, shame on me. (But only a little- things have really been busy!) 

I have a 3 month (soon to be 4 month)-old baby, and a very willful 3 year old... it's an interesting mix. The 3 year old isn't quite old enough to be extremely helpful, and of course young enough that she can throw a spectacular temper tantrum over just about anything if in the proper mood.

Two months before Brady was born, Spencer accepted a new job in Draper as an attorney for a law firm there. It's been pretty amazing, for a guy who really enjoys spending time with his family, as this firm doesn't have a billable hours requirements and maintains weekday hours only. He's off by 5 every day, and although he travels locally a lot for court, he is usually home by 6, depending on traffic back to South Ogden. Cue huge life change #1.

We took this guy home from the hospital. Huge life change #2!
{My first day alone as a mom of 2!}
Here is some of the first part of our summer- seester had a baby two weeks before I did...

And we are closing on a house tomorrow! Cue huge life change #3! New job, new baby, and a new house (along with accompanying move, mortgage, depleted bank account, and homeowner responsibilities) all in a matter of months is a lot for this girl. If I'm in the same situation for a while, I tend to get comfortable with the familiar and dread fear hesitate change.
I'd have more to add, but there's too much to do.
Wish us luck!