Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fair warning...

This is a complete overload of pictures. Really. If you aren't related to me or my sister, I don't really expect you to finish looking at these.

Random fun at the park.
This day called for fanciness (i.e. necklace and sun hat.)

Abby and I went to Carrie's house to play in the sprinklers several weeks ago. The kids had a great time! Thanks to Chloe, Colton, Carrie, and Daniel! (This be the overload of pictures...)

My mom came for a brief visit a few weeks ago to help Carrie pack up her classroom, and we all got together at the Gateway before she left. You know, before the Gateway is totally bankrupt at the hands of City Creek Center.



Lythgoe BBQ

Now that June is over, I thought I'd post about Memorial Day. While we always need to remember the true reason for this holiday, we did participate in a barbeque this year. Spencer's aunt has been diagnosed with cancer and had some family in town to support her.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

8 years

8 years ago this happened. It was a good day.

I gave some stats about us on my post last year, but as it is almost 9:30 pm (aka almost my bed time- I'm almost a 30 year old woman!) and I am watching The Lion King and eating a Mini Almond Magnum bar I'll keep this one short. (Yeah. You heard me. You want to be as awesome as me, you say?)

To celebrate, we left Abby with her cousins for a movie and dinner at The Roof. It was a 5 and a half hour date, and it was so great! (We only talked about her once, too.)

 Date! On the way to the movies.

At City Creek Center, where we briefly visited before our reservations.

Have you ever been to The Roof? It's a gourmet buffet at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and it's super tasty. We have been a few times and really overstuffed ourselves this time. Ah well.

Just us and our view. And the guy in the corner.

I can hardly believe that 8 years have gone by since I married this guy. I love you Spencer!