Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time to fly

We're headed to Arizona today to celebrate Christmas with some of my family! Nothing like a toddler on your lap for two flights well past her bedtime- at least I'll have Spencer with me this time!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Okay, people

I need to get serious. I haven't been very good at this blogging thing.

On Monday we went on a family date to the Gateway. We had a buy one get one voucher for Tucanos, so we had a lovely meal full of meat and pão de queijo.

We headed over to Temple Square after that to check out the lights, which is something that we haven't bothered to do for the last 3 years or so (mostly due to fear of being trampled by the crowd near the manger scene.)

This is the only picture I actually got with some lights in it. Abby was in the stroller most of the time, and as it turns out that while Monday night was a pretty good night to go- lighter foot traffic than I remember in the past- it is hard to get a good angle on a picture with both a kid in a stroller and lights on a tall tree.

So here is Spencer explaining the manger scene. We have a few books about the real reason for celebrating Christmas, and so I think she got the gist. Either that, or she is finally used to us saying the words "manger," "wise men," "donkey," and "shepherd" over and over again. She may also be a little confused about the Baby Jesus versus grown up Jesus... she already calls most babies "Abby," I wonder if she'll start calling them "Jesus" too?

Here is the real gem of the evening:

Fun fact: 8 years ago in that very spot- in front of the temple, sitting against the reflection pool, Spencer proposed to me at Christmastime. We were squashed between a pack of teenagers/college kids (when did I get too old to tell the difference between those two?) and a big family, and they all stared to watch as Spencer sunk down on one knee. I have to say I was a little embarrassed, and I quickly said yes and let him put the ring on me.  I am now embarrassed to admit that I was embarrassed, (I don't think it would have been less private unless there was also a spotlight on us) but we ended up okay!

The following is what happens when we justbarely miss our train and have to wait for the next one.

The end.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The days preceding Thanksgiving consisted of making cinnamon rolls...

...and of visiting with my parents who drove in for a brief visit from Arizona (it will please my mom to note that Ab was sleeping when my parents came over to see us; she hadn't seen them since September. When she finally woke up she [Abby] went right to her [my mom] and gave her a big, huge smile right away, with no easing-in. She feels this is important to note, as she is the grandmother Abby sees less often.)

Abby has this peculiar habit of not wanting to take her coat off when we arrive at our destination, especially if she isn't 100% comfortable where she is. Often at church she'll make us leave her coat on when we drop her off at nursery, and she is still wearing it when we pick her up.
Thanksgiving day she left her coat on for probably an hour or two until we finally coaxed it off her.

Playing with Aunt Andrea, and Piglet. Piglet is her absolute favorite thing ever. Ever. She loves Andrea too, but not like Piglet.

Mom and Dad stopped by after their dinner at Carries for pie.

There was an injury. Boys playing football in the street. Scrapes on hands and knees. Emergency first aid in the kitchen while the dinner is still being prepared. And after Spencer was all bandaged up and bleeding through his wrappings, he suggests going outside to continue playing. Again. With gashes on each palm and knee. Ask me how excited I was about that idea. Stupid boys.

He is healing nicely, considering where the scrapes are. Abby points to them whenever she sees them and says "owie." I love hearing real words come out in her little voice.

This picture wasn't from Thanksgiving, but it is proof that Mom and Dad came to visit us in SoOgden one more time.
Now that I'm finally feeling better (bronchitis) let's get on to Christmas!

Trying again...

So here I am, although not to blog about things that have been neglected (Thanksgiving, Abby videos, new words, etc...) but to try again to win a dress from Shabby Apple!
I have blogged about it before trying to win something, so don't think me totally lame to try and do it again. Thank you.

Today's giveaway is over at Houghton Happenings, who routinely does TONS of giveaways for mostly kids, but sometimes moms as well. Hence super awesome Shabby Apple giveaway. Go check her out and win a dress!