Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a good daddy

Sunday evenings in the summer have become days that we let Abby drag us outside and play until we're all pink in the face.

These two are best friends.

Yes, that's her daddy she's looking at.

Crazy face.

The end.

Cousin visit

Whenever Carrie, Chloe, and Colton come up to hang with us, we only ever get pictures like these:


Random, half-naked babies with toys everywhere. Usually Abby is looking at Colton like he is something vaguely interesting and strange that has invaded her personal space, but yet she doesn't mind too much. Studious. Amused.

We went swimming.

Abby sucked down on a bottle of sunscreen that she wouldn't let go of.  I'm pretty sure she ate quite a bit.

Chloe and Daniel swam together while Carrie and I kept Colton from drowning himself. (No pictures of that.)

Thanks for coming, guys!

(That's all. This post is primarily for my mom.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have a thing for little girl shoes. (I have a thing for big girl shoes, too, but I try to quell that desire like, 90% of the time). I let myself buy some shoes on sale for Abby yesterday from Target- they are sandals that I have loved for a very long time, and only recently could my little walker um, walk. I realize that it will get cold soon, but until then she's going to wear the crap out of these little shoes.
Speaking of obsession and shoes, I also like to stalk blogs that are known for awesome giveaways. One of my favorites, Houghton Happenings, is doing a giveaway for these Ivory & Moss Baby {adorable} soft baby girl and toddler shoes. So lovely. I had to give Stephanie (of Houghton Happenings) a shout out because I am really hoping that I win these adorable baby shoes.


So that's what's up. Over and out.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's time for free food

It's my birthday on Friday!
Spencer and I celebrated a little this week by eating. You should know we celebrate anything major by eating, and birthdays are among the best for that! I've got emails decorating my inbox for my free birthday burger, my free bowl of noodles, and free desserts galore. One of the best birthday freebies is the Benihana deal- they give you $30 toward your meal. That equals nearly free teppanyaki. Nice. (Some might say that Benihana may be the nadir of Japanese food, but I invite those people to take me out for "real Japanese food" and pay for my meal. Sushi snob.)
Thanks to a wonderful family in our ward, we were able to go this past week. They watched Abby while we had a good meal. We ate and laughed that we weren't the ones trying to coerce her to eat her food. (Ha ha, suckers! Good luck trying to get her to eat anything!)
One of the, shall we say "highlights," of the meal is they take your picture and sing to you in not one, but two languages. Don't we all just love to be sung to in restaurants? I wonder if they would refuse not sing to you. Take your awesome photo home, and you just had a fabulous time.
 Things to enjoy about this picture:

-The little kid on the left turning around to be in the picture.
-The blonde on the left staring straight at the camera with her mouth full.
-My bra, showing through my shirt. Who knew it was that sheer?

Do we know how to class it up, or what? I say yes!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too Legit

Spencer and I discovered this tonight, and it was too crazy not to share. These kids simultaneously make me wish I was far more talented and also wish that Abby can grow up to make me as proud a parent as these kids must have. Except for the grabbing of the crotch. Kids are always doing that, and as far as I know, no parent likes that.


And speaking of You Tube videos, I had little Jordy on my mind... anyone remember this jem? I know I can't be the only one- Spencer saw it in high school too. We watched it on French class a bunch. My favorite parts (other than the underwear-clad family at the beginning) are when the parents start to wrestle with each other in their animal print outfits (rowr), the mom's clear raincoat-type coat (which is worn with nary a drop of rain to be seen) and pink headdress... all of the clothes, really. Also when the kids run away from their crazy parents and frolic.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

15 months: A review

A few weeks ago Abby had her 15 month checkup. I kind of love taking her to the doctor so I can be sure that she is doing well. Does that sound crazy?

Let me explain.

She was always such a mellow baby and would hardly ever cry. I had this fear that she would get an ear infection and not cry or let me know in any way that she was in pain, and the doctor wouldn't find it until months later and there would be irreversible damage. Nowadays she is more vocal and actually cries (that's not a problem anymore- I have no problem figuring out whether or not she's unhappy! She is pretty good at letting me know if I've pissed her off) but I still like hearing that she has healthy eyes and hears. Ears, especially. I've had so many friends who, lately, have had their babies with so many ear infections and crazy illnesses, and Abs hasn't had any. I feel so lucky to have a healthy little girl.
At 15 months:
Weight: 22.6 lbs (45%)
Length: 29.13 inches (13%)
Head circumference: 18 inches (53%)

Just a few things about this little girl:
-She is (finally) walking around all the time, instead of just when we trick her. She prefers to have us hold her hand in public, but after a few minutes she usually feels comfortable enough to take off. I had to chase her all over Old Navy the other day.
-She loves her hat. Loves it. Usually when she gets a hold of it, she'll go to the door and demand to go outside. She frequently wants to wear it inside and has napped with it a few times.

-She talks all the time, although I still don't understand any of it. She has her words that she uses all the time, but I can't figure out what they are supposed to mean.
-She is loving on Spencer big time. Some days when he comes home from work, she wants him to hold her and she refuses to be put down or handed over to me. She talks his ear off, gesturing and pointing and possibly telling him about her day? I'm not sure. See above.
-She loves to play outside and swing on the swing
-She is into everything. All the time. Kitchen cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, shelves, you name it.
-She loves to go swimming

Love her.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You talking to me?

Abby has picked up a new look that she started busting out over the weekend. I guess she is discovering her personality and her own sense of humor. Have a look.