Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's time for free food

It's my birthday on Friday!
Spencer and I celebrated a little this week by eating. You should know we celebrate anything major by eating, and birthdays are among the best for that! I've got emails decorating my inbox for my free birthday burger, my free bowl of noodles, and free desserts galore. One of the best birthday freebies is the Benihana deal- they give you $30 toward your meal. That equals nearly free teppanyaki. Nice. (Some might say that Benihana may be the nadir of Japanese food, but I invite those people to take me out for "real Japanese food" and pay for my meal. Sushi snob.)
Thanks to a wonderful family in our ward, we were able to go this past week. They watched Abby while we had a good meal. We ate and laughed that we weren't the ones trying to coerce her to eat her food. (Ha ha, suckers! Good luck trying to get her to eat anything!)
One of the, shall we say "highlights," of the meal is they take your picture and sing to you in not one, but two languages. Don't we all just love to be sung to in restaurants? I wonder if they would refuse not sing to you. Take your awesome photo home, and you just had a fabulous time.
 Things to enjoy about this picture:

-The little kid on the left turning around to be in the picture.
-The blonde on the left staring straight at the camera with her mouth full.
-My bra, showing through my shirt. Who knew it was that sheer?

Do we know how to class it up, or what? I say yes!


  1. I feel like I have been stood up by Abby....
    When do I get to babysit?

  2. Hahahaha! Hilarious about the picture! :) And very classy I must say. I can't wait to do lunch at Zupas too. Just you, me and the babes! It will be a great time. :)


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