Sunday, January 29, 2012

For Keena

 Abby loves her dress from Aunt Keena.

Almost as much as she loves her Pooh.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Part 3

Okay, here's the final installment.
We had some ridiculous Sonora Dogs in AZ, and please attribute the red glow to the fact that the stand was a mobile truck with a large red tarp stretched over the eating area. The only way you know that Mexican food is true Mexican.

We toured Saguaro National Park for free thanks to Dad's Old Man Pass.

Crazy hair! Cheeser for Grandpa!

This was our Prom-style family shot with a cactus. Keena took it. Then she asked if I would like to take her family picture with the cactus.

This is that picture.

The zoo! Mostly pictures of the fam. Minimal pictures of animals.

Saying bye to Robbie and Hannah. They, along with my dad and Keena drove to California the day before we left. Which left us time to...

See our friends from BYU, Joey and Suzie and their super cute girls! Abby was pretty wary of those guys. Just look at her.

When we got home, we let Abby open a few more gifts from us.

Then we saw Carrie, Daniel, Chloe, and Colton on New Years Eve.

Look at that pose!

Then it was on to Marti and Dennis's house for some more present opening and New Years Eve activities.

Thanks for all the holiday fun, families!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Part 2

So here's another batch of pictures. Some of the pictures I got from Robbie are mammoth and didn't load properly, but you get the idea of what went on. Probably you don't want to see anymore anyway!

My little family on Christmas Eve!

My little family (again) on Christmas Morning! Right after 8:30 church... it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was actually very nice to think of the Savior on Christmas Day before opening all of our presents.

Group shot.

Hamills, minus one. We'll catch you later this year Carrie!


Abby was averse the the group activity of opening presents, and snuck off to play, and eventually had to open presents later.

Keena trying on the skirt I made her!

Hey Keena!

This is what we did after presents. Don't forget my dad in the far corner.

I wasn't sure if Hannah would use this picture or not, as it came from their camera, but as of yet it hasn't made an appearance, so here it is. You're welcome.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmastime Part 1

Are you still with me? Are you so sick of seeing everyone else's Christmas updates? Well, I'm not. So here you go.

We'll start with Christmas Village at downtown Ogden. We went a few weeks before Christmas with Charlie and Dara and their girls; it was the first time we took Abby too. It's Christmas decoration-y, with Santa and hot chocolate and Christmas carolers dressed in period clothing. We didn't see any carolers that night, but all the rest was there. It is put up every year, where local businesses put together little houses depicting Christmas scenes.  It's fun and free!

Tiny, far away picture.

We went to Arizona for a week, where we spent lots of time with my family!

Early morning picture. Sorry, Mom, but you certainly didn't object to me taking the picture. I like Abby's scrunchy happy smile, that actually makes her look like she's trying to poop.

Mom and Keena.

Pale, tan, pale.

There was a lot of this going on. Abby latched on to her aunts and uncle and had SO much fun playing with them. She spent most of the time trying to get Hannah to chase her. Seriously, my parenting totally plummeted this week, because she was always playing with someone and I was so preoccupied with visiting with my family.

Stupid bridesmaid-y shot. We're dorks.

Keena doesn't mind being goofing around for Abby's amusement. This resulted in yoga, handstands, and rolling on the giant yoga ball to get a laugh. She loves it!

Hours of present wrapping. Mostly by Keena, who played Santa for most of the family.

Ab watching Keena.

This lucky girl got graham crackers in her stocking! She loves "gracs" and they made this post because most of our trip was spent foraging through the cupboard looking for them, or requesting them off of any adult nearby.

More to come... if you are interested!