Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too Legit

Spencer and I discovered this tonight, and it was too crazy not to share. These kids simultaneously make me wish I was far more talented and also wish that Abby can grow up to make me as proud a parent as these kids must have. Except for the grabbing of the crotch. Kids are always doing that, and as far as I know, no parent likes that.


And speaking of You Tube videos, I had little Jordy on my mind... anyone remember this jem? I know I can't be the only one- Spencer saw it in high school too. We watched it on French class a bunch. My favorite parts (other than the underwear-clad family at the beginning) are when the parents start to wrestle with each other in their animal print outfits (rowr), the mom's clear raincoat-type coat (which is worn with nary a drop of rain to be seen) and pink headdress... all of the clothes, really. Also when the kids run away from their crazy parents and frolic.

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  1. if you like krumping you should definitely rent "rize"


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