Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The days preceding Thanksgiving consisted of making cinnamon rolls...

...and of visiting with my parents who drove in for a brief visit from Arizona (it will please my mom to note that Ab was sleeping when my parents came over to see us; she hadn't seen them since September. When she finally woke up she [Abby] went right to her [my mom] and gave her a big, huge smile right away, with no easing-in. She feels this is important to note, as she is the grandmother Abby sees less often.)

Abby has this peculiar habit of not wanting to take her coat off when we arrive at our destination, especially if she isn't 100% comfortable where she is. Often at church she'll make us leave her coat on when we drop her off at nursery, and she is still wearing it when we pick her up.
Thanksgiving day she left her coat on for probably an hour or two until we finally coaxed it off her.

Playing with Aunt Andrea, and Piglet. Piglet is her absolute favorite thing ever. Ever. She loves Andrea too, but not like Piglet.

Mom and Dad stopped by after their dinner at Carries for pie.

There was an injury. Boys playing football in the street. Scrapes on hands and knees. Emergency first aid in the kitchen while the dinner is still being prepared. And after Spencer was all bandaged up and bleeding through his wrappings, he suggests going outside to continue playing. Again. With gashes on each palm and knee. Ask me how excited I was about that idea. Stupid boys.

He is healing nicely, considering where the scrapes are. Abby points to them whenever she sees them and says "owie." I love hearing real words come out in her little voice.

This picture wasn't from Thanksgiving, but it is proof that Mom and Dad came to visit us in SoOgden one more time.
Now that I'm finally feeling better (bronchitis) let's get on to Christmas!

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