Friday, June 24, 2011

7 years of marital satisfaction!

Spencer and I were married 7 years ago today- happy wedding anniversary to us!
I posted about our other anniversary a little while ago, but this is the one we actually celebrate.

7 years ago I woke up in my uncle Brent's house (where I spent the night for one last time with my whole family, slumber-party style on the couches with my siblings), showered and did my own makeup in his unfinished basement bathroom and went to get my hair done.
We got married in the Salt Lake LDS temple and it was awesome.
(Strangely, I can't recall what I did between the wedding luncheon and the reception that night. Spencer and I went our separate ways, and all I remember is that I was brought to the reception center by my mom's friend because my mom had to do something else before she got there. Can my family members remember what we did?)
Lots of family and friends were there. It was awesome to have a day for celebrating us. There is a lot I could say about that day, but I'll just end with the fact that it was long, it was hot, and I was starving by the time we got to our hotel in Park City that night. (Sweet little fact nugget: the very same awesome hotel room that Britney Spears once stayed in, procured for us by my brother in law Dave. Back in the days before she turned psycho-crazy-shave-her-head-turned-rehabilitated, and was just a famous singer, if not ho bag. No offense to all the fans out there- I still totally sing along to  "Sometimes I Run" whenever I hear it.) 
We have been through a lot in seven years
  • 10 jobs between the two of us (including summer internships)
  • 3 apartments in 2 states (only one with no air conditioning or dishwasher)
  • 2 cross-country moves
  • 1 law school graduation
  • 1 driver's license and 2 small car accidents (all mine- I'm super awesome)
  • 4 stays in Vegas (we go there a lot, but in our defense, it's close to UT without being in UT-and you can drive there), 1 trip to Boston, 1 trip to Kwajalein (and therefore, 2 trips to Hawaii), several trips to California, 1 stay in the Outer Banks, 2 trips to Arizona, 1 trip to Florida, countless trips to DC, and several other places that I can't even recall wherever else we've been together. We're definitely not as cool as Robbie and Hannah, who've been to a dozen other countries- you guys win.
  • 5 nieces/nephews
  • 1 baby
  • Lots of dinners out. Hundreds and possibly thousands of dinners out. All we ever want out of life is a good dinner at a restaurant.
  • Countless dates, movies, activities, amusement parks, small little experiences that I can't even begin to think of because frankly, it makes me tired to do so.
We've had a good run. I told Spencer this morning that maybe we can stay married for another 7 years. And he said, "Yeah, at least." So here's to more years together. At least 7, probably.
I love you, Spencer!!

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