Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today is my and Spencer's 9 year dating anniversary.
We met at the Glenwood apartments in Provo while we both were attending BYU. I remember the moment I met Spencer, although he actually doesn't remember this. When we actually met the first time, my roommate Shannon and I were at church and sat next to our friend Jason, who was a freshman and one of Spencer's roommates. It was the beginning of fall semester. Spencer was sitting a few seats away from me, and Jason quickly introduced us all around before sacrament meeting started.
Spencer doesn't actually remember meeting me until a few days later when I walked over to his apartment (which was down the hallway from mine) and he was sitting outside the door on the phone. That time I was with another freshman roommate of his, Jed. Spencer was on the phone with someone from Brazil. He had just gotten off his mission a few weeks before.

I didn't like him.

I mean, he was a nice guy, but I wasn't interested in dating anyone at the time. Not at all. He liked me right away, though (naturally, of course) and started making it known that he liked me over the next few weeks. My roommates were friends with his roommates so we still saw a lot of each other. After a lot of hanging out, a double date or two, and a painfully awkward confrontation over some unwanted hand-holding, Spencer started to take other girls out.

I was jealous.

I still feel embarrassed admitting that. I was embarrassed then- to the extent that I wouldn't tell him that I was jealous and that must mean that I liked him, and one of my best friends Ruth had to finally ask if she could please tell him, because it was driving her crazy that I wouldn't. I am lame, it has already been pointed out to me. Ruth was our go-between for the next day or two, and Spencer cancelled any other plans he had made with the other girls. We finally had our first one-on-one date on February 1st. Followed by our first kiss later that night.

We've been dating ever since.
We dated for 20 months straight and celebrated February 1st as our anniversary, eventually to be replaced by our wedding anniversary.

I love you, Spencer!

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  1. I know I have seen this before, but it is so neat to read it again. You two are truely a wonderful couple!


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