Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 months old!

This sweet little girl turned 10 months old. I didn't intend to go all out polka dots, but it kinda ended up going that way.

This is flying by. Are you getting sick of these monthly posts? I think she looks pretty much the same as last month, and she'll probably look the same next month. But I feel like I need to at least document her somehow during the first year.

BIG flower from Aunt Carrie.

Abby's loves haven't changed much. She loves to eat (all manner of vegetables and most fruit-baby food is comfortable to her. She hesitates to eat a lot of new table food and needs to play with it a lot before eating it the first few times it is presented to her).
She loves to sleep. She is such a wonderful sleeper and goes down at night without so much as a peep.
She loves to read with us. She looks at each page and rarely gets bored. We go to the library a lot.
She loves to play.
She loves to take a bath.
She loves to look in her closet and pull out her clothes.
She loves the pictures we have hung around the apartment. She has very good eyesight.
She loves her mom and dad.

A few other things about our Abby:
She has developed a little freckle on her tummy. Other than her "stork bites" on her face and the back of her head, this is her first little mark. It may possibly develop into a mole, but it is tiny and flat and very light brown. I like it.
She is thisclose to crawling on her knees. She still army crawls everywhere.
She likes to pound against any surface that makes noise. I realize that all babies like to do this... I have also caught her several times sucking the glass of our sliding glass door. Okay...

She'll be 1 before I know it.

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