Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nine and four-fifths

For some reason, Ogden has a surprising number of vacuum stores. And I'm not talking about Sears or Target or other places normal people buy vacuums. I mean places that only sell vacuums, like "Don's Vacuum Villa," to name one. Well, last week, Bonnie decided to take advantage of this fascinating anomaly by calling several of these places up and asking if they'd buy our old vacuum (which had been sitting on our deck for months because it's broken). Just our luck, the fine gentleman at Vacuum Exchange agreed to take a look at the vacuum and tell Bonnie if it was worth anything to him. Unfortunately, when Bonnie took the vacuum in, the man from the phone was not there, and the dude who was there told Bonnie to leave the vacuum and call back later. So she did. When she called back the next day, the proprietor told Bonnie he would give her "seven and a half" for the vacuum. "Dollars?" Bonnie clarified. "Yeah, seven and a half dollars," the guy said. Needless to say, Bonnie accepted and traded our broken vacuum for a cool seven and a half.

On a totally unrelated note, I paid a visit to Smith's yesterday, and here's what I came away with:
Normally, all of this would have cost $58.19. But thanks to some excellent couponing by me, I walked away with everything you see here for $9.80. After you finsih gasping in awe, consider this nugget: just the Breyers ice cream, milk, and bread cost $8.20. So the other 20 items cost a whopping $1.60. That's $.08 per item. Yeah.

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  1. I need you to teach me the couponing Spence. I've tried and just can't grasp it or wasn't willing to spend hours planning my shopping trip.


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