Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 4

Day 4
A habit that you wish you didn't have

I think I could probably come up with a few habits I wish I didn’t have… do I wish I didn’t have them because they are annoying to ME, or because they are annoying to OTHERS (read: Spencer.) One such habit falling into the latter category is my need to clear the sink of dishes before we start cooking a meal. Excuse me, I want to clear the dishes before we make a whole new batch of dishes!

One bad habit I have is talking too much. People at work will tell you that I explain something in 3 sentences that could have been explained in 1. I could also include my annoying habit of interrupting someone mid-sentence to finish their thought for them. I didn’t even realize that I did this until a year or so ago. So, I’m sorry for my dumb mouth.

P.S Who wants to see pictures that were taken ONE YEAR AGO TODAY?? What fun!

 This is what Abby's room looked like exactly a year ago. I had just had 3 baby showers in one week.

(P.P.S. yesterday was the one year anniversary of my mom's terrible car accident. I was at a luncheon after my niece Sydney's baptism, about to be on my way to Carrie's house for a shower that she hosted for me, when I got the call that my mom had been in a roll-over accident on her way from Arizona to Utah to make it in time for my shower! I lost it right there at the Paradise Bakery. I think some of the people who were with me were worried about me popping that baby out right there at the table. Crazy day. She is, miraculously, okay and as far as we know, has had no lasting damage from that accident.)

 Look at our diaper collection! We added several more packages to this stash in the weeks following her arrival.

I hadn't yet gotten all of her clothes up in the closet when this picture had been taken.

I guess this could be considered the beginning of the countdown to Miss Abigail's one year birthday!!

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