Friday, March 18, 2011

Something for nothing

I've been on a hot streak of getting things for practically nothing. RC Willey is doing a promotion where you can get a free pillow if you look at mattresses, and the other day I took advantage of that and got me a fluffy pillow. I was also able to get a few samples at Sephora. Love it.
I also won a few blog giveaways these last few weeks; I won a cute scarf, this handmade frame

...and this car seat handle cushion (found here.) I'm not sure how this will work, but I am looking forward to trying it. Abby is getting so heavy, that we've started having to carry her everywhere out of the car seat. Thank goodness it is getting warmer.
I also got this sweet Shabby Apple girls dress at Kid 2 Kid the other day for $5.50. It retails for about $31.00!! Now I just need to get myself a Shabby dress...

I love it! Although Abby won't be able to wear it for at least another year... I just couldn't resist. 

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