Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She's a talker!

Abby has started talking a lot lately. It is so fun to watch her try to express herself. Sometimes she tries really hard to tell us something. If she is is in a talking mood she will make quite a bit of noise. She will range from little grunts and sighs, and lately she will upgrade to loud shouts. She talks to her toys on her activity arch and on her swing, and she will grunt to herself if we leave her to go to another part of the room, but she will talk even more when we are there in front of her to encourage a conversation.

She really likes having her diaper changed, and that is often a time we get some happy noises and kicks out of her. Several weeks ago as we were changing her she had something she obviously really needed to say so we stopped, mid change, so she and Spencer could have a conversation.

Sometimes when she is sleepy or asleep and starting waking up, she will give several high pitched sighs. It sounds like she is singing in her sleep- I love it.

If she is not in the right mood to talk, however, she will just stare at us while we talk to her- she will watch how our mouths form the words and sounds we are saying. It is amazing how she will observe us talking- you can see her trying to learn how we speak and she will move her mouth with ours. I love how babies are constantly learning something almost every second they are awake. They really are so smart.

She was pretty talkative with Spencer on Saturday while I was at work. He took these while he was playing with her: the second one is a little bit longer than the first, but they are pretty short.
Look at those chubby legs!!

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