Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flashback: Barbeque Sauce

A year ago this month Spencer started to do some major couponing. For those who don’t know, he has a real talent for it… that, and he is crazy enough to take the time to figure out what deals are going on to combine with coupons we have. Last year there was some kind of 10 for 10 deal going on at Albertsons, and with the coupons we had coupled with a catalina deal they were doing, Spencer bought 10 bottles of Kraft barbecue sauce for 55 cents.

July 2009- lots of BBQ sauce

We may have also found really good deals on barbecue sauce since then too, and ended up with a few more bottles for pennies or for free… and given a few bottles away too… and we may still have 11 bottles left in our pantry a year later...

Receipt from August 2009. Take a look at the CPNS tendered. That means coupons given. As in we bought $60.70 worth of groceries for $16.01.

Receipt from August 2009. Take a look at the subtotal. If it weren't for the tax, they would not have made any money from our visit that day. $56.21 worth of groceries for $0.34.

But when your receipts can look like this, you don't care that you have 11 bottles of un-opened sauce. And 9 bottles of salad dressing. And 20 boxes of cereal.
(Is it weird that THAT is our only food storage?)


  1. What, no swedish fish? That's some serious couponing.

  2. I need to have Spencer show me how to do it. I've tried and tried to figure out all that stuff and save tons of money like everyone says they do but I can't do it. I end up cutting all these coupons and only saving like $5 so I gave up.


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