Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RIP, Reggie

Reggie Lewis died 17 years ago today. I still remember seeing the ESPN Special Report that broke the news, and having to stop my 13-year-old self from cursing. I asked my mom to let me shave the number 35 into my hair, but she refused. Instead, I drew 35 in chalk on the side of my favorite Celtics hat, and wore it as much as I could. In honor of Reggie, here is a video of one of his finest moments, 17 years after the death of the captain of the 17-time NBA Champions:

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  1. That was a sad day. I remember when he collapsed in that game previous to dying. He was so good and went way too soon. Man, if he and Len Bias hadn't died and Bird and McHale could have stayed healthy longer, think of the dynasty the Celtics could have had back then.


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