Monday, July 26, 2010

3 month stuff

We've had a long and stressful week here. We'll have to tell you about it sometime. But meanwhile, Abby is getting big!

This little girl is 3 months old. She is a lot of work; I sometimes feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and we are just winging it, living day to day. Play, eat, diapers, sleep, bath, repeat.

Luckily she is a good sport and she doesn't seem to mind. We are all learning here.

She is also a lot of fun. We love love love her and are so glad to be a family.

Here are some things about our baby girl at 3 months:

She grunts, kicks, and exclaims in delight when she is happy. I can't wait for the laughs to start coming!

In fact, when she is super hyper those many many kicks sometimes turn into full body flops- she looks like a fish on dry land.

She can follow objects with her eyes in an arc from one side to the other, and will follow our voice and track my movements around the room if her position allows. She has known our voices for a long time now.

She blows bubbles and has way too much saliva in her mouth. She chokes on it a lot. Her little coughs are super cute, though.

She can reach for and grasp her toys, and she can do so on purpose. She bats at toys on her activity arch (the "gym") and tries hard to grab objects we hand her. She is able to do it, but is still learning how to fine-tune it.

She smiles in response to us... when she started smiling, I couldn't make her smile, she just would. She has now been smiling in response to our smiles, faces, and noises, and noises for quite some time now.

She has started to smile big time when I am burping her in the living room. I’m wondering if she can see us in some pictures we have on the wall, or if she’s liking the red bowl of candy we’ve got on the counter right now… Maybe she is just loving life, but either way, several times I’ve been burping her and I stop to look at her face and have caught a humongous smile already in progress.

She loves to stand. She has strong muscles and will still stand herself up on my lap often.

She loves to go to sleep on us. She would happily sleep like that all the time if we let her. I suppose this is true for all babies, especially my nephew Colton.

Spencer puts her to sleep almost every night. He has the magic touch, I swear. We both bounce her to sleep most nights, but she goes much faster for him.

She watches TV – intently- if it is on and it catches her attention. She hasn’t really cared about it until recently (I’m slightly bummed about that- I was hoping she’d be much, much older when she caught the TV watching addiction we have) She doesn’t watch it often, but if she is in the mood she will turn her head toward it, sometimes craning her neck waaaay over if I’ve positioned her away from it. She loves ESPN, just like her dad.

She complains. We call it complaining because it is not really crying with tears, she mostly makes upset sounds and yells, with the occasional grunt thrown in to get the point across that she is not happy about whatever is going on. She really only cries if something is wrong like she is in pain. If we ignore her too much then the complaints turn into actual tears.

She likes being put in her carseat. We get a lot of smiles from her this way.

She is a good eater, just like her parents. She has big cheeks, a few chins (visible sometimes more than others), and chubby legs as a result of her good eating.

She has sweaty feet! This she gets from me, unfortunately.

She loves to eat her hands. For a little while she also sucked on the inside of her wrist, but these days she just eats her fist. Sometimes she is content with sucking on a part of it for a little while, but other times she tries to cram the entire thing in her mouth.

She can almost fit it in… in fact I think if she had enough coordination she would totally get the whole thing in.

Abby likes tummy time more than she used to. Not that she absolutely loves it now… She used to cry through the whole thing, and I felt like an abusive mom for just watching her cry and squirm.

She likes it now and will even stop crying if she is upset to concentrate on pushing up. She is now content to do her push-ups and gets tired after 5 to 10 minutes. Then the crying happens again.

Doing her push-ups, she can lift her head about 90 degrees and push her chest off the floor as well. She has rolled over a few times.

Abby is very sweet. Sometimes she calmly plays with us and is happy to stare at us. If you watch till the end of this video, you will be rewarded with the sound of her taking a massive dump.

We love our little bug!


  1. LOVE it, especially the massive-dump at the end. Great footage. ;) She's so cute, though, pooping or not. She seems like a happy girl. I'm so glad you're enjoying being a mom!!!

  2. Love the blog! Abby's such a cutie!

  3. She is soooo cute and cuddly! I can't wait to meet her! I need to go to Utah asap!!!!


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