Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pool Day

We took Miss Abigail to the pool last Friday. We thought it was a good day to try because it was super hot out, and Spencer was able to come home early from work. We were anticipating that she would either react positively to the water, or be upset by it; but it turns out she was sort of underwhelmed. Her general attitude was total nonchalance.

We wanted to take her while it was still hot out, and before we adults needed to get dinner ready, so we grabbed her after she had woken up from a short nap and slapped (gently) some sunscreen on her before she really could register what was going on. Spencer fed her a bottle

[side note: the bottle feeding is so far going well… she doesn’t like it as much as she likes nursing, but she does take a bottle of milk from both myself and Spencer. So far no formula has been needed or given, and a bad batch of sour milk is the only problem we’ve encountered in the last week regarding feeding. The strategy now is to feed her one bottle on the days before I go to work so she doesn’t “forget.”]

We dressed her in her swim diaper, which was huge. We have one swimsuit for her that is also too big- it was a hand me down without a tag so I’m not sure what size it is supposed to be- but it actually worked pretty well; she is such a chunk baby that I’m sure she will fit into it fully pretty soon.

She may have given us a different reaction other than indifference had we chosen to take her at a time she was in a better mood and more smiley, but overall I guess you could call it a success.
What do you think?

I was excited, even if she wasn't.

All things considered, it could have gone much, much worse.
She and I will be going swimming again very soon … is it too optimistic of me to hope to elicit a more cheerful response?


  1. I say anything that doesn't end with crying (or exploding diapers) is a huge success!

  2. You should try her out in Grandma's pool here in Arizona! She would love it, I am certain!

  3. this is really funny. does she like having baths?


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