Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We appreciate cows (but we still eat them)

Last week we celebrated (I use this phrase pretty loosely) Cow Appreciation Day at our Chick-fil-A.
This wasn’t our first time doing so; I am a little embarrassed to say. Last year we also dressed as cows to receive a free meal. When we got to the counter, the cashier told us that we were only eligible to receive an entrée, and not a full free meal.

Apparently we weren’t “cow” enough. We pretty much just wore neutral clothing and I made us some spots and signs with permanent marker, and I even made us tails (pictured in my left hand). I drew the line at wearing a nose and ears though, which may have been my mistake. Either way, they said entrée only; we needed to be head to toe. We disagreed with that, and after a quick flash of our tails, they gave us each an entire meal.
Feel free to call us dorks, or at least think it to yourself. Or just think it of me, as it was my idea.
This year Spencer came home for lunch in time to take me and the babe. He wasn’t really feeling up to dressing up this year (I can’t imagine why not, it is crazy fun) but I did. I wanted to dress Abby only as an additional accessory to my outfit.
We got there and they gave me a meal, then asked if we wanted one for Abby. I thought the cashier was at first kidding, then possibly unaware that a baby her age can’t eat anything solid- but he said she was dressed as a cow and therefore was qualified for a free full sized meal. Awesome! I didn’t even need to show them our tails! She got the nuggets and we enjoyed them very much.


  1. ok, how did you not qualify as cows the first time around? i would have protested! i'm glad you got your meals this time.

  2. Carrie dressed mom, Chloe and I up and we got three four full meals and drinks. GOOD DEAL!!

    We did wear ears and noses plus spots, cut out and put on while in the car.


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