Sunday, July 18, 2010

A blessing on the 4th of July

We had a fantastic 4th of July with our families. We blessed Abby in church that Sunday with several family members in attendance. My parents were both able to be there from Arizona and Spencer’s parents Marti and Dennis, as well as: my sister Carrie and Daniel with Abby’s cousins Chloe and Colton; Darrin and Andrea with Kyra, Callie, and Brynn; Dave and Jenny with Zack, Sydnee, and Ashlyn; and Charlie and Dara with Sadie and Taylor. That is a lot of extended family love. The Lythgoes. Somehow my camera didn't get any pictures of my parents or my family. Sorry, guys!Everyone met us at our church for sacrament meeting at 10:50am for the blessing, which all the men were able to participate in, as well as our bishop. We dressed her in a white sundress with a little white sweater. I was hoping to take better pictures of her later in the day, but it turns out that the only pictures I got of her in her little outfit was when I changed her diaper during sacrament meeting. Spencer gave a beautiful blessing and Abby did very well. Afterward we all changed clothes and headed over to a nearby park to eat lunch. Later that day both of our parents hung out a little at our apartment and my parents spent the night. They were good enough to pretend to not care about our lack of second bedroom for them to sleep in- they slept on air mattresses in the living room.

We had a great day with everyone and I am so grateful for everyone’s participation and willingness to come up to Ogden to spend the time with us.

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  1. Great pictures. We will have to check to see what pictures we have. Maybe you can post one of us.

    Cute blog!!!


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