Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween re-cap

So, you may know by now that Abby was a little ladybug for Halloween.
We loved it. 
For some reason, since the week she was born, we have called her our little bug. We wanted to dress her as a ladybug last year, but we decided to go with a cheaper option that we found instead... besides, I was working during pretty much everything last year.
So a bug it is this year!

We ran into some other ladybugs at our ward trunk or treat

Both are pregnant, too! Ha!

This was after the candy collection. She loooved carrying her pumpkin around, and just ran everywhere showing us her costume and her loot.

You'd think we actually let her eat the candy, she was so excited. But no. No candy for the 18 month old just yet. I figure she has plenty of time to get to know candy.
Lest you think I am no fun, we are planning on letting her try a piece soon.

We went to the Lythgoes house to see all of the cousins in their costumes the Sunday before. We decorated Halloween cookies, did some pumpkin crafts, and played with cousins. Marti dressed up in her scrubs, too!

We got several videos of Ab trick-or-treating for the first time, but I think posting any in addition to all of these pictures might be overkill. She still doesn't want to talk, so she would knock on the door, and stare up at whoever answered, and hold out her bucket. She would choose one piece of candy, put it in her bucket, and turn to leave. When we told her to say "thank you," she would wave at them.
In some instances, people would let the candy bowl linger, and she'd go in for a second piece. She really had the whole thing down.


We dressed her in a long sleeved shirt and leggings over her tights for warmth. She had a great evening.

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  1. love the costume. This post made me laugh - especially the part about her silently grabbing two pieces of candy at the door.


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