Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back it up

I wanted to back it up a little bit and post about Keena's visit to Utah at the end of October. She was in Utah on a business trip. I think that is pretty amazing, since Utah is hardly the trendy and consumer-driven city like those she normally visits for work... she works for the clothing label Mango, which has super cute clothes and accessories, and has frequently travels all over the US and sometimes out of the country. Mango recently collaborated with JC Penny to develop a line called MNG by Mango, and she was in town with a coworker to oversee how the Utah JC Pennys were doing.

Naturally, we got together with Carrie, Daniel, Colton, and Chloe a few times.

Playing with the kiddos on the stairs at the Gateway

Keena was only in town for 2 and half days, so the afternoon of her last day we braved Gardner Village, which was both fun and a big mistake.

Fun: Awesome decorations, lots of fun stuff going on, cute stores to look through. It definitely puts you in all kinds of holiday spirits... multiple holidays!

Fun: Time to visit with family, really beautiful weather.

Fun: Halloween costumes galore.

Fun: sister time.

Bad idea: Crazy parking. It took us like, 10 minutes to even turn off the street and into the village, then actually park the car. Busy, busy, busy.

Bad idea: SUPER PACKED with SO MANY people. Strollers galore. Every store we went in, we were rubbing elbows with strangers. Don't even think about trying to get into the sweet shops. I was really looking forward to getting some fudge, too.

We made it out alive and hung out until it was time to take Keena to the airport.

It has been so wonderful to be able to see Aunt Keena so much lately, and I know Abby will be excited to see her at Christmastime, too.

And by the way, I own several Mango clothing items, and I love them all. Just sayin'.

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