Friday, October 28, 2011

18 months

This little bug turned 18 months old last week!

I swore last year that I would throw some kind of party when she turned 6 months old, and when that didn't happen, I swore again that I'd do something special when she turned 18 months old. I just wanted to celebrate her half-birthdays just as hard as her yearly ones. 

{I should probably clarify at this point that we didn't celebrate all that hard on her 1st birthday- I couldn't even pull it together to do a "part 2" on her birthday post... I just celebrated hard in my mind. Mega hard.}

Anyway, no party. Again. No pink, sparkly shoes like I was planning on getting her, like my friend Dayna did for her little girl. Just a cold. We actually did get a visit from Aunt Keena, but that is a whole separate post.

If you will allow me just a moment, I want to be a little sad about my baby growing older.When she was teeny, we just took it a day at a time- enjoying being with her, laughing at her faces and noises, taking a million pictures. Now she is way more little girl than baby (although all little kids anywhere still call her "baby," and try to pick her up and carry her around.) While we are totally enjoying everything about her right now, I can't help but be a little sad about the little baby she used to be. Why? Why do I feel silly about that? I remember how so freaking many people told us how fast time flies when you become parents, and to "enjoy it." I kept telling Spencer, "how in the world do I enjoy this any more than I already am?" I felt like I was enjoying my baby, and would allow myself several moments to look at her and reflect that we, the two of us, had a special bond that would last our whole lives.

I digress. She is so special, and we love her so, so much. Right now, Abby is:
  • 23.8 lbs (42%)
  • 32.56 inches (75%-- she had a total growth spurt-up from her last appt at 15 months old, she was only in the 13th % in July)
  • Head circumference 18.3 inches (48% does anyone care to hear about the head circumference?)
  • Wearing size 4 diapers
  • Loves to carry things to collect-my purses, baskets. We're thinking we'll have to get her some kind of little purse for Christmas.
  • She loves to eat, but only what she wants to eat. She has excellent junk food radar, as Spencer says. Thanks to the cousins to introducing her to chips, by the way!
  • Regardless, she does love to eat some good things too-broccoli, grapes, apples, and any and all berries. Loooves berries.
  • Loves to read, and be read to
  • Gets into everything, all the time.
 She is such a little clever monkey. We are amazed at everything she knows and can properly identify. Of course there is so much more to say about her, but I'll leave it at that.

I also thought I'd throw out a random video that was taken exactly a year ago, today. Of course, that would make her 6 months old in this video. I think she looks like such a little doll.

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