Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's kind of a big deal.

So maybe it's not a really big deal, but we took Abby to the zoo for the first time on Monday.

Now, as some of you know, Abby doesn't talk. She said a few words here and there several months ago, but not only is she just not interested in talking, she also refuses to repeat any of the words that we know she can say. She wants us to tell her what everything is instead and she has found that she can communicate fairly well by just pointing and whining. It kind of sucks, because she knows so much. Just say it, lady!
The point of all of that is while I knew we wouldn't be hearing any animal sounds out of her, she still had a good time looking and pointing at all of the animals.

We also went on her first carousel ride. She had a lot of fun, once the ride started. {She didn't want to stay on her animal at first.}

This is what she did when she saw the giraffes. I don't know why.

We had delicious burgers beforehand at Hires, and we saw some friends of mine the minute we got to the zoo (what's up, ladies!)

It was a good day.


  1. Super cute!! Chloe didn't really start talking until she turned 2, so she's still got some time. I didn't talk until I was 3 and all I said was LaGab, which meant cereal in Australia. (My dad served his mission there and taught me to say it. Haha). Anyway, Abbie is super cute, and can't wait for your visit on Monday!

  2. It's because the giraffes are so tall, mom, that's why she put her arms in the air. :) Love the pics, and don't worry about the talking, Beckett refused to talk until he was good and ready, and now he won't shut up! :)

  3. i never got enough hires while i lived in utah. i am jealous.

  4. yeah! so great to meet you in person! Love your darling little girl and loved visiting with you :)


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