Thursday, April 28, 2011

Abby's Birthday week (Part 1)

We had an early cousin birthday celebration with Carrie and Chloe and Colton a few weeks ago. Chloe turned 3 on April 9th, and Colton will turn 1 on May 8th. The kids played together and had some cupcakes, but while Chloe was napping the babies played with her sushi set from Aunt Keena. Those were the only pictures I took that day.

Colton was climbing everywhere and Abby liked the big knife that came with the sushi set.

Abby really had fun with her cousins. And the knife.

Abby had her 1st birthday on Wednesday the 20th. She started the day out in a good mood:

And she wore the "1" onesie I made her.

She made some funny faces while I tried to take her picture...

...she opened presents...

...and played with them.
To be continued! (I'm super busy this week, I haven't been able to get it down in a single post... sorry.)

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