Friday, April 15, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Days 22 through 30

Day 22-What makes you different from everyone else
I could go the easy route and say that I am from the Marshall Islands. That I rode a bike everywhere and only had fast food and went to malls when I went to the states once a year. But most of you already know that. That’s my go-to answer for those types of questions… so I will go the easy route and leave it at that. (I am not up for thinking of another for you- sorry!)

Day 23-Something you crave for a lot

I love sweets, especially lately. (See above post) When I was pregnant, I didn’t crave a thing and if I could have stopped eating altogether, I would have. Now that is over, and I get cravings for sweets again pretty regularly. It was the best feeling to be hungry again after I gave birth… that night I ordered dinner from the hospital cafĂ© and I was so excited to want to eat it (chicken caesar salad, turkey sandwich, roll, and chocolate cake, in case you were wondering.) I went through a phase a few months ago when I was working a ton where I was craving anything sweet- brownies, cookies, candy, cake. Especially baked goods. One of the pharmacists I work with suggested that my body was trying to tell me that I was doing too much, I was on overdrive and it wanted all of those things to keep up with my pace. Once things calmed down and I stopped working so much, I started feeling normal again- those constant cravings did finally go away. I do love brownies and cookies, though.

Day 24-A letter to your parents

Dear Mom and Dad,
Hi there. Thanks for raising me and my siblings and for being such wonderful parents. I am grateful for everything you have done for me, in so many ways. Thank you for playing with us and loving us, for taking us on wonderful vacations and allowing us to grow up in a beautiful place and having family time with us (as painful as it was for us, I am glad we did it now.) You took wonderful care of us and continue to do so. Thank you for loving my husband. I know it was probably hard to experience your children growing up and getting married, but you were so supportive of me from the beginning, throughout my early relationship and with Spencer, and much later through our engagement. I am so glad to be able to speak with you frequently and I am so happy that we all have a good relationship. I could go on and on, but I think that might be sufficient enough for a public letter! I love you!
Day 25-What I would find in your bag

Wallet, planner, 2 little notebooks: one for keeping track of my work hours, and one for miscellaneous notes and lists, chapstick, one MAC lipgloss and one Stila lipgloss, extra pair of glasses, anti-bacterial gel, keys, nail clippers, a pen or two, occasionally a water bottle, and occasionally a toy of Abby’s.

Day 26-What do you think about your friends

What a weird question. I love my friends. In high school and college, I was very close to my friends. Then we all started getting engaged (Shannon and I actually got engaged on the same night- not planned) and moving away, and it became harder to be in touch in the same way that we used to be. There are some people that I have obviously lost touch with and only hear about what is going on with them through their blogs or through Facebook. I would love to have more friends where I am now!
Day 27-Why you are doing this 30 day challenge

Cause Ashley made me!

Day 28-A picture of you from last year and now-how have you changed?

 I was 35 weeks here
Physically, last year I had a baby in my belly and now I don’t. I am also some kind of freak of nature and lost weight after I gave birth, so that I was actually below my pre-pregnancy weight by about 20 lbs. I’ve since gained back a few pounds.
I have grown emotionally in ways that most people must do when they become parents. I honestly feel too drained to detail my emotions regarding Abby, so suffice to say she has not only brought Spencer and I even closer together than we already were (that surprised me how we had a new level added to our relationship that I didn’t even realize wasn’t there before…does that make sense?) but she has made him a father and me a mother. I still don’t really feel like a “real” mother, but the proof is sleeping in the next room. I have made some very hard decisions alongside my husband this year, and we have learned that we have to listen to the Spirit and pay attention to our instincts and trust that we can do hard things and that we will be okay if we support and love each other.

Day 29-In this past month, what have you learned?

In this past month, I’ve learned along with Abby what to expect from a baby her age- she is very nearly a toddler! I have learned how to choose a body shop- that one wasn’t fun. (I had a small car accident a few weeks ago, where I totally didn’t see a big maintenance truck as I was backing up and as I drove forward I swiped it, knocking off my driver’s side rear-view mirror. Yeah. Crazy stupid, I know.) I have learned that I should be more careful!

Day 30-Your favorite song

I don’t have one favorite, but lately I sing Disney songs to Abs. Specifically from The Little Mermaid.

And that’s it! I don’t think I am going to be in any hurry to do another one of these anytime soon- I’m not sure if anyone cared to read it.
But it’s done, and now we can focus on my little lady’s birthday coming up!

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