Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mom visit

My mom came to visit the weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr Day. She got in late morning on Thursday and stayed with us for two nights, then moved on to Carrie's house.
We had some apartment drama going on while she was here with us. We have a storage closet right outside on our balcony that had been leaking, unbeknownst to us, and we discovered it as we were putting away our Christmas decorations. We store our various boxes and suitcases in there, but everything was damp and covered in ice. We also had an entire wall of the storage closet covered in mold, we later discovered.
Our apartment complex let us use another storage facility a few buildings away from ours, while they hired a company to fix the leak, clean and dry out the moldy closet, and finally seal it so no more mold would grow. As a result we had boxes and miscellaneous strewn everywhere until the last day she stayed with us.

Abby usually doesn't make much noise when she is around anyone other than Spencer and I, but we were happy that she only needed an hour or so before she was talking and smiling and laughing the way she usually does with my mom around.
Sorry I'm posting this morning before-getting-ready picture, Mom... I liked how you two were hanging out.

On Saturday, Spencer and I moved our stuff into the other storage unit while my mom fed Abs, and afterward we met up with Carrie, Daniel, and kids. We all went out to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. I'd never been before, but I really liked it- I had the ribs.
Abby and Colton were at the end of our long table in their highchairs. Carrie said they looked like they were on a baby date.

There was some of this going on...

Chloe wanted to hold Abby and love on her, but also while sitting on Carrie's lap. It got a little tricky, but no one got hurt.

She didn't look to happy about Chloe giving her kisses sometimes, but she survived.

Thank you so much for coming, Mom! We love you!


  1. i just laughed out loud at the baby date

  2. Bonnie: Thank you SO very much for commenting on my race. You really have no idea how rewarding it is to hear from my readers. There are times when I write and wonder if there is any purpose behind the sharing of my story. I so appreciate your sweet comments. Now the tables are turned and you inspire me to keep writing about my journey. Thanks :)


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