Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, signing off!

Just a few more things that we did last week-
On Christmas Eve we went to see Carrie, Daniel, Chloe, and Colton.

Chloe was napping for part of the time, but Colton was very excited to see us! (Especially Abby.)
This is his excited face.
He and Spencer had fun talking to each other while we were there.

Mom, Abby has been having fun with her tea set that you sent. All parts of the tea set.

The other day Spencer and I went to a few stores for a little after Christmas shopping, and we got these pretty dresses for $8! They are 18 month sizes- I am looking forward to Abby being able to wear them next year... maybe this one can be her Christmas dress if she still fits it by then.

Aunt Keena came to visit us too! Unfortunately, that is going to have to be another post. Abby and I have come down with another cold, so we are ringing in the new year by ourselves this year, as a little family (I'm probably going to be a party pooper and go to bed early- I'm not feeling too hot.)
We have had a crazy eventful 2010, and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2011! Happy New Year!!

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  1. Your Christmas looks so so fun! I love the two new dresses! Totally something I would have picked out for Chloe :)


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