Wednesday, December 22, 2010

8 months old

The babe is 8 months old!

She is such a big girl!

She is so smiley and loves to scrunch up her face. She does it sometimes when she has boogers in her nose that are bugging her, but it seems she does it other times when she wants to make a goofy face at us.

I love that she has her own little personality that is coming out, and I can really see it all the time. She's growing and changing in little ways that I can't really pinpoint or articulate. I just hope that I can remember how it feels when I watch her and play with her now. She is changing so subtly that when she exhibits these new little behaviors I sometimes can't distinguish exactly when it started, and I soon forget what she was like when she was a newborn and slept in my arms all day.

We took Abby to see Santa at the mall this week too. Yeah, I guess that's a little creepy, but I so did it.
She was such a good girl, and didn't cry at all. She was very interested in him, particularly his beard. She just kept staring at him, then at us, then back at him. I was allowed to take one picture with my own camera, but was offered to pay $13 (!) for one 5x7 that the helpers took. Um, no thanks.

So there it is. I should have gotten one of them staring at each other, instead of trying to get her to look at me and smile.

He was a great Santa, and when we took her back, he said "She is so cute, thank you so much for bring her in." I thought that was nice that Santa thanked us for bringing him a child, when he sees so many children at Christmastime.

I've been doing a lot of baking- sugar cookies, reindeer munch, toffee squares, fudge, more sugar cookies... caramels are coming soon.
I also made cinnamon rolls. They are currently residing in our freezer to eat on Christmas morning.

Who is excited for Christmas?


  1. the santa picture is so funny - wish i could have been there to see the staring. she is so cute!!

  2. Cute, so cute! With all of your cooking, I wish I was coming to your house for Christmas!!


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