Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It isn't too late, is it?

I am sure you all know that we are super fun people and are cool enough to do activities in November.

In actuality, we never got around to carving our pumpkins during the Halloweekend, so we did it the other night after Abby was in bed.
Spencer did a Celtics shamrock (you can see his inspiration flung over the swing in the background.)

I did a turkey! Do you like it? Does it look like a turkey, or just a peacock with a mohawk instead of plumage?

My favorite part is its skinny little legs.

I'm pretty excited about toasted pumpkin seeds. I like them. A lot.

We bought Abby stacking rings that she seems to like. She is so good at sitting up too!

She also loves carrots, as it turns out. She has become a really enthusiastic eater over the last few days.

Are you having a fun November? Thanksgiving is only a week away!


  1. better late than never, i say... we never even bought pumpkins to carve! :(

  2. So cute, my Abby is. I also like the skinny legs!

  3. wow, she is so good at sitting up! I really like the second picture of her. we miss her (and you).

  4. Yay for Abby eating big girl food! We tried real corn the other day, Colton LOVED it, but not corn baby food.


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