Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grandparent Visit!


Before I post about all the other stuff I mentioned before, I want to highlight the visit from my parents! They came to stay with us the very afternoon we got back from our Oregon Coast trip, and stayed for 3 days. We hung around and ran errands most of the time; in fact, looking at the pictures I took it appears that the only think we did was play with the iPad and other various devices.

Abby super loves her Nama and Grandad, and we are SO happy they were able to come and see us!

 Watching the Itsy bitsy spider...
Come again!!


  1. We loved, loved our visit!! Abby, you are so cute and your parents are so great! We can't wait to come again!

  2. Your parents look great! Now days its iPads and video games. Makes me miss the simple Kwaj days.


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