Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oregon Coast part 1

Recently we took a trip to the Oregon Coast. We wanted to do something as a little family and visit somewhere that we'd never been (within driving distance) together. I was skeptical at first (it's like a 10 hour drive, not including stops and meals) with a 2.5 year old in tow, but Abby was amazing in the car! 
As our trip was nearly a month ago, the details have fuzzed slightly, but I'll give a recap!

We started off our trip at the awesome Portland Zoo.

Petting goats! Abby would face them after petting and say "Hi goat, you having a good time? Yeah?"

This is a gorgeous zoo. It's so amazingly green lush, we couldn't get enough.

After spending two nights in Portland, we headed for Astoria. Our first stop was just to look at the ocean/Columbia River and use the bathroom at the Maritime Museum, but we ended up staying for well over an hour. Little girl wanted to run and run and run all over the pier.

(View of the Astoria Column, which was our next stop.)

Our view from the parking lot of the Astoria Column, which stands atop a large hill, 125 feet tall and has 164 internal steps to the top. It depicts the Lewis and Clark expedition in cartoons and script on its facade.

We climbed and saw. It was beautiful.

Ab was sooo tired at this point. Gold stars to Spencer for carrying her down all 164 steps in the narrow stairwell.
...sleeping during our lunch.
Sidebar: this was Labor Day, which resulted in several restaurants that we'd wanted to eat at being closed. We had a great meal where we ended up, (Fulio's) but there was literally only one guy waiting, busing, and hosting. We weren't in a hurry, which made for a good nap for Ab but could have been potentially a bad time. Super yummy, though!
We bought a pass to all of the state and national parks in Oregon to last us for the duration of our trip. First stop was Fort Clatsop, where we learned about all things Lewis and Clark.
If Spencer wants you to know what he's pointing at, he can write a blog post.

We headed to Seaside for a trip to the beach- Abby's first- and to check into our charming little hotel.

...and then back to Astoria for some delicious dinner at Bridgewater Bistro, located right by the Astoria Bridge that connects the Columbia river to the ocean.

The next day we went to Ecola State Park, which is historically famous for a beached whale discovered by some Indians in 1806, which Captains Lewis and Clark were able to learn about and trade for some blubber and oil. (Learning is fun #imadork).
Anyway, it's a beautiful area. See for yourself:

The largest haystack (large rock) in the distance is called Haystack Rock (not to be confused with another haystack called Haystack Rock several more miles down the coast.) We had a hard time trying to figure out how to get down there to the beach to explore, but eventually made it.

There are (protected) tide pools around at low tide, so you can check out lots of star fish, anemone, muscles, crabs, etc.

Abby alternately loved and hated it- she was cold, and it was a pretty tricky trip regarding her nap time, as she slept in the car and in our arms nearly every day instead of in a crib. This particular day I believe she was nearly ready to take a nap, but the cold water was too much a good time.

Yep. One face, one minute, then a sad face the next.

Does anyone want to see more? Part 2 (possibly more) are on their way!


  1. You got some great photos! I particularly like the ones looking down Cannon Beach from Ecola. I would love to see part 2 and beyond!

  2. sigh. those beaches be calling my name.

  3. What a cool trip! (Well, at least Part I. I reserve the right to change my opinion when Part II is posted.) Loved the goat conversation. What a funny girl.


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