Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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Hello everybody!

Last year I wrote a valentine for my daughter and a valentine for my husband. I would do it again, but then I'd be repeating so many of the same sentiments. I love my sweeties so much, and I don't need a "holiday" for me to say it to them. So go read them and aside from the developmental things that Abby was doing then, as well as the nursing, they apply today too.

However, I did send Spencer to work with a bag of presents to open during the day! We never do much for Valentine's Day, except go out to eat (we take any "holiday" to have an excuse to go out to eat- although when we were dating Spencer always, always got me roses and candy and a card and probably a little present on Feb 14th.)
This year, I wanted to surprise Spencer with something special to celebrate our 10th Vday together. I sent him to work with a bag of presents wrapped in red, tied with white, and a little sign on each saying Open me at 9:10, Open me at 10:10, etc. (I didn't take any pictures because I was in a hurry to get them together.)
As it turns out, I embarrassingly miscounted. I had mistakenly thought that this year would be our 10th Valentines Day together, but I was corrected this morning that it is actually our 11th. Doh!

Whether or not you know your math, I hope you and your sweetie have a fun day today!

These guys are my Valentines

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