Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random, friends, and Thrifting

 We got Abby an umbrella stroller to use for our trip to Arizona, and the day I brought it home, she climbed all over it. I ended up just putting her in it and letting her watch a few minutes of an episode of Project Runway. That's my girl.

One more random video: nothing special, just hanging out one morning.

I was able to see my wonderful friend Shannon when she was in town last weekend for her sister's wedding. Dayna was playing wedding planner so she wasn't there the whole time, but her little Jaynie girl was. We had lunch at CPK at the Gateway and watched the kids play in the fountain.

Abs wasn't interested in playing after she slipped on the wet ground- just climbing every (cement!) stair she could find. Including the huge staircase behind Shan and I.

The super cute kiddos included Jayne, Jordan, and Nathan. He is the yummiest, cutest, baby boy who was so good the entire 3 hours we were there.

Watching the fountain show.

We did a little shopping at Forever 21 (more stair climbing) and we were done. Thanks for making time to see me, Shannon! I love and miss you- hopefully it won't be another 3 years until we get to see each other again!

In other news, I fixed up a broken pair of boots for Abs to wear this winter. We had found a new pair of sherpa-lined boots at Kid to Kid for $4.99 (great price, because they were sold "as-is.")

For $0.26  I got some elastic in the closest color I could find- which isn't that close at all, actually- and I made it work.

What do you think?
I know it totally doesn't match the other boot. Even so, these haven't ever been worn. I think it's not too shabby for only $5.25.
The end!

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