Monday, September 19, 2011

AZ trip recap

Abs and I went to Arizona to visit my parents! and Keena!!

She was a lap baby. Two flights there. Two flights back. Four flights total. That's a lot of lap time. She did very well. Pretty well. Pretty okay. I would get antsy too, if I had to stay on Mom's lap and couldn't run around either. We ate a lot of snacks and had a nap on the second flight.

It rained a lot of the time, surprisingly, and we actually only got in the pool once.

She walked right into Keena's arms!

She loved this little chair that has been in our family for a long time.

Keena and I made some good food while we were there. Here she is making the whole wheat pizza dough.

Keena's eating habits were passed to all of us during this trip- we ate a lot of fruit, hummus, crudite, and homemade granola. Abby loved it.

More pictures lata.

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  1. TOO cute! I love all of her cute bonnets! Looks like you had a fun trip! We need to play soon!


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