Monday, January 14, 2013

Should I even try to catch up??

I am really asking!
I have had, it seems, a lot going on, but truthfully I just don't think about posting much anymore. For one thing, every time I get the camera out, Abby wants to take pictures herself, or will stop whatever it is she is doing to complain about my photographing her.
I can't Instagram around her anymore, either, because she learned (eventually I knew this would come) that she can play on the iPod. Her favorite thing is the YouTube app- she drops whatever she is doing to ask to "listen to some songs."
 Anyway, here is a re-cap of the last few weeks, in a small dose:

I did get more pictures of Halloween, but they seem so irrelevant now! I was newly pregnant and not feeling too hot.

 Our first big snow, whenever that was. Look at her smile!

There was a phase where we checked out a lot of Hanukkah books right after our decorations went up. I'm glad to know Curious George and Corduroy are Jewish. We don't discriminate against other religions in our household.

The pictures taken two weeks before Christmas are still on my camera, but I'm afraid I missed most of the festivities. Most of my family were in town, as well as most of Spencer's family, but I was pretty bad at taking pictures. Maybe I can get around to them in another month or so?


  1. Yes, you should catch up. I want to see more pictures, and years from now you'll be glad you did.

  2. I ditto your friend above. You have to keep up with your cute blog! It can be hard sometimes to make it a priority myself, but I think it's the only way I will ever keep a journal. And I print my blog off ever other year or so to make sure it gets recorded in a book. :)


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