Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oregon Coast part 3: It's Pretty Froggy over here

We had a lot of foggy days toward the end of our trip, and honestly, it has been so long that the things we saw (and missed) due to the fog has slipped my mind.

Little bug got antsy a few times over, so we had to track down some playgrounds for her to play on.

This is Devil's Punch Bowl, which was really cool.

Awesome Asian restaurant in Newport. Don't be fooled by the neon shack- this was so good! Noodle Cafe.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse- can you see it?

We hiked down the jungle path to the beach, but we didn't make it to the ocean.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Can you see it?
We looked at the tide pools around Yaquina Head Lighthouse, which Spencer could have spent all day looking at.

More playground!

Oregon Coat Aquarium- This was pretty cool, but we didn't make it there until almost 4 and we tried to hurry around and see everything before it closed. Blame Abby's nap, but she had fun- not the same kind of fun we wanted her to have (running around and playing with buttons and knobs instead of oohing and ahhing over the fish.)

I loved this place. Loved. Local Ocean Restaurant in Newport- delicious!
Spencer's dinner- Fishwives Stew. Yeah, he ate it all.
I had a crab po'boy. We split a super yummy roasted garlic and Dungeness crab soup to start, and this entire menu was great!

Multnomah Falls on the way back home- very pretty!

This was my view most of the way home- I love those cute little legs!

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