Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oregon Coast part 2

Wohoo, time for part 2!

 This is Cannon Beach, which was adorable (as most of these little towns are)

We had a lunch of pizza (for Abby), clam chowder -which is all over the coast- and fresh crab cocktail (for us). Not bad, but we'd have other opportunities to try clam chowder.

We also bought some fudge (yep) and salt water taffy, which is in over-abundance on this coast. I hadn't thought about the fact that we might see some till we got there, but everyone sells it everywhere.
I love all the sea stacks here! Unfortunately we had started to notice some more fog coming our way and it was starting to obscure our views, depending on which lookout we stopped at.
(P.S. A huge THANK YOU to Darrin and Andrea for lending us their tour books, especially the mile-by-mile guide that was the most awesome for us in our situation with Abby taking her naps in the car! Stop at lookouts, take turns enjoying the view!)

There's that fog!

Spencer got a big kick out of this sign:

(If you are in the area and looking for a place to stay, we loved the Garibaldi House!)

We toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory! (I use that term loosely- it is a self tour, where you walk around as long as you want and look at bulletins and interactive educational videos and murals about cheese and it's history. You don't actually see cheese being made, just big fermenting drums and big blocks of cheese being cut into size. But it's free! And you get cheese at the end! And you get to spend a lot of money on souvenirs and crap too!)

Ab didn't want to give any other kids a turn in the cheese car.

Seriously the best part- the amazing ice cream.

We helped ourselves to 5 scoops. At 10:30 in the morning. It was the right thing to do.

We also brought home some cheese. If you think that you would get it cheaper at the factory, you'd be wrong. But they still had some yummy flavors that we don't get in our part of the country.

More goats! This is the Blue Heron Wine and Cheese Co.

Baby lambs!

It should be noted that this morning was the time the fog came to the trip (were we driving into it, and it was moving with us? Was the entire coast foggy?) It never cleared up the rest of the 4 days we were on the coast.
This is the Cape Meares Lighthouse, one of a few on the northern end of the coast. Spencer hiked the few miles from the parking lot while I sat with a sleeping Abby.
This was his view.

This lighthouse is 38 feet high, which makes it the shortest lighthouse in Oregon (um, is there any shorter lighthouse anywhere?)

Abby would tell us that it was "pretty froggy" outside.
Here is the other Haystack Rock, which we tried to get a look at while playing on the beach. Can you see it?
Oh, there is something there!
Oh, there it is!

We had some yummy fish and chips at J's Fish and Chips in Lincoln City, which is a little dump of a restaurant, but very good.
I looked around a vintage shop for a few minutes while Abby was sleeping in the car (and Spencer waited patiently) and I found this really cool play kitchen that was priced at $3700! It is entirely handmade from existing 1950s kitchen stuff, and over the years this woman handmade each little piece of food and pot and pan and accessory. It comes with over 2500 accessories- I had to take a few pictures of the $3700 kitchen (that no one will ever buy)-

A lot of the cleaning products and condiments were samples or real miniature sized and she made them durable.

Part 3 is a' comin!


  1. that play kitchen is KILLING me!!!

  2. Love it! One correction though: my hike to the lighthouse was only 0.2 miles. There would have to be something pretty dang good at the end for me to ever hike "a few miles."

  3. I loved our trip to Oregon and your post of Oregon - Part II reminds me of our trip. I'm glad you made it to the Tillamook Factory and Cape Meares. We got to go to both of those places and looking at your pictures brought back good memories. It just wasn't as 'froggy'. I love Spencer's comment about his hike at Cape Meares. Can't wait to see part III.


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