Saturday, May 21, 2011


We are back from a little vacation we took to Las Vegas. Yes, we brought Abby. Why, is that weird? She loved it there and had a great time. We did, too.

We stayed in the lovely Signature hotel, which is a part of the MGM Grand, located right behind it on the strip. 

It is a non-smoking hotel, (which was a lifesaver, as anyone who has stayed in a Vegas hotel knows, they pump a weird smell to cover up the smoke- it sometimes is worse than the smoke). It is also a non-gaming hotel, which means The Signature doesn't have a casino in any of its towers, so it is just a retreat, meant to be secluded from, but very close to all the action in the MGM and the rest of the strip.

We stayed in a suite with a kitchenette, and had a huge bathroom where we put Abby's crib. Why, is that weird? Yeah, it was a little weird, but we wanted to be able to hang out and watch TV after we put Abby down for the night.
She was very excited about it all- the lights, the people, everything. She had a great time. She especially loved to look out of our huge window that overlooked the strip.

This is how we traveled most of the time.
 This is how we traveled most of the time. We got a lot of "Hangover Baby" comments, which we totally overlooked when we planned on Spencer and I carrying her this way (being that the movie was set in Vegas, and all). It wasn't until we were walking through the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood our first night there that a bunch of guys started yelling and laughing and trying to give us high fives that I realized that he looked like Zach Galifianakis. Minus the beard, obvs...


We also saw this shirt all over the place, too.

We are so stinkin cool. I guess.

 We went to the pool (once, it was too cold to go any more, boo.)

 We met some famous people.

I got married to George Clooney. He's a dreamboat.
Spencer went golfing.

 This was after our delicious Bellagio buffet, waiting to see the fountains outside. We had kept Abby up a little past her bedtime, poor girl.

Abby is walking all over the place, although not on her own. She walks with a walker toy at home, and holding on to our hands. Last week she decided that while not at home, she can use her stroller too. We got a lot of looks our way while she did this.

Even though Abby wasn't smiling in most of those pictures, she had a lot of fun. She loved riding in the infant carrier and looking at everything. She actually looks pretty miserable in most of them, I now realize, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Who says you can't take a baby to Vegas? Spencer and I have been there several times and we had a loose itinerary for this trip that worked well around Abby's naps. She napped on the go, while we were doing an activity, and sometimes she napped at the hotel. She loved it. The end.

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  1. yay for the whiteside connection! We are always wishing we spent more time with them. Lets meet! thanks for the comment on my blog!


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