Monday, August 23, 2010

This Day Last Year: Pregnant!

A year ago today I discovered I was pregnant.

It was a Sunday and I had been ‘late’ by a few days so I took a pregnancy test that I bought the day before. You are supposed to wait like, two minutes to get the results, so I set the timer and tried to do something else and not look. Spencer looked at it early (I was yelling at him from the other room to stop looking at it) and started laughing. So, shocker, it turns out it was positive.

Church was cancelled that day due to the dedication of the Oquirrh Mountain temple. Don’t tell anyone, but we decided instead that we would relax and enjoy a day completely together with nothing to do and no church. You know you like those days too—don’t judge!

Spencer called the pregnancy my birthday surprise # 1, and then gave me my birthday surprise # 2. We were going to go to the Sunday Brunch at Snowbird to celebrate my birthday (on the 26th.)

We went while we were dating and never have an opportunity to go, so it was nice to treat ourselves to a date where we completely stuff ourselves to the brim. And that dessert table…mmm…. Luckily my constsant morning sickness hadn’t kicked in yet and I was able to eat a ton of really good food.

It is so beautiful up there in the mountains; it was the perfect place to go to celebrate. Celebrate my birthday, the pregnancy, our marriage. The baby-free time we had left together.

We were pretty shocked, even though I had been off my birth control since June. Getting pregnant was something I knew could happen, obviously, so we thought that if I did get pregnant then it would be an okay time for that. I had been told since I was 19 that my endometriosis could possibly make it difficult for me to conceive, so my interest was in getting my body regulated.

Well, we know what happened and I am so glad that it did! I am a mom, and we have a beautiful daughter who we can't imagine life without. It's hard to believe that was a year ago... so fast and so slow all at once! We'll see what happens next...


  1. Sometimes when I think back to things Susie and I did like that before we had kids, the thought pops into my brain, "But where were the kids?" Then, of course, I quickly realize that they weren't around then, but for whatever reason my brain still thinks that. Stupid brain.

  2. Yes, Joey, your brain is stupid. I'm so glad you said something.


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