Sunday, February 10, 2013

Now that it's February, here's the rest of our December

We did festive things and on Christmas Eve, went to Spencer's parents and participated in their annual nativity and talent show.

 She thought she was soooo important just because she was an angel!

The rest of the night, Ab wouldn't let go of Andrea's baby Jesus, aka birth educational doll that she uses for her classes. (What was his name? I can't remember!)

 Abby's talent was singing her ABCs and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Ab had a poop incident Christmas morning, which meant she got a bath, and Dad ended up showering too... leaving me as the only one un-showered and still in PJs all morning.

 Later that day, my mom and dad came over, and further that night Robbie and Hannah came into town. We were so happy to have everyone over here (Carrie and kids came for the day the next day) but I literally couldn't keep anything down so I only got a handful of pictures with Mom and Dad, and none of Robbie and Hannah. Sorry!
There is a theory that I was morning sick with a touch of flu, because Hannah was struck with it right after they left our house, as did Carrie. Probably. It was crazy how terrible I felt.

Did any of my family get any pictures while we were together? Oh well. I love you guys!

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  1. Great photos! Jason is the baby's name. Kyra and Callie named him that when they learned Brynn was a girl and they probably were not getting a real brother.


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