Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NYC Trip {Part 2}

Our first evening in the city, after our gourmet deli dinner, we went to our show.

We went to see Mama Mia at the Winter Garden theater! We thought that was a mother-friendly show, and you can't beat the music.

It was great!

The next day, we went shopping.

My mama getting her Metro card.

SoHo stores. Awesome.

Street jewelry.

The two teachers needed to check out the Scholastic store, and Harry was there to greet us inside.

There might have been a few tears. It's hard to to start a new chapter in your life, but as these two teachers know, it's a part of your life for forever!

We took a look inside Mango, which is necessary when Keena is around, I feel.

On the way through the Village, I had a few treats from the original Magnolia Bakery. I bought two cupcakes, which were pretty good. Frosting was excellent.

We had lunch at Chelsea Market. I loved the diversity and unique options- I had a yummy sandwich from Lucy's Whey Cheese shop.

We checked out the High Line after, which is right next to the Market. The High Line is a public park built on a freight rail line elevated above the streets on the West Side, which runs for over a mile. We walked down in for a few blocks, then called it good. It was really cool, and allows for people to see the skyline.

Lots of people

They have lots of plants and small streams, and there were a few musicians out too.

Cool buildings.

Radio City Music Hall. And Keena's hair.

Mom wanted to see where they film The Today Show.

Rockefeller Plaza!

St. Patrick's Cathedral, which is currently undergoing renovation.

 We'd been bus'n and walking toward the Met, and stopped off at Joe Fresh, which was new to me and super awesome. I bought a few shirts for Spencer and me and a belt. (Super adorb kids clothes, by the way)

The Met!

I quickly ran in to check out a few things, courtesy of Hannah's museum pass, and had a fun-filled 15 minutes of running around the different exhibits. I saw several items that I have learned about it my various Art History classes, and took lots of pictures.

By this point it was almost dinnertime and we'd done a lot of walking. We cut through Central Park- unfortunately most of my pictures of the park came out blurry.

Zabars. Just because.

I liked this building, and (you can barely see) the sculpture of the three green apples in front of it. (On the median.)

Subway art.
More Times Square.

Hello, giant Heidi Klum. Yes, I will be watching the new season of Project Runway, thank you.

Hi Buzz Lightyear.

Little bitty NYPD depot right in the middle of Times Square. Complete with little bitty NYPD squad car.

 Bryant Park- where Fashion Week happens

 New York City Public Library- famous lions.


Oh, hello NYU! Maybe I'll see Mary Kate and Ashley, like, 8 years ago.

Washington Square Park! Where we saw a few pieces of tasty eye candy...
 Keena HATES these kinds of dogs! And we saw at least 2 on this trip!

 Pretty park, though.

Another piece of eye candy. You're welcome!

This guy was really good, and appeared to have transported his entire piano to the park all by himself.


 My friend, the skeleton, outside of Evolution in Soho. I love that Keena took us there, because as my mom said, I couldn't believe she'd be interested in that store if she hadn't taken us herself! Really cool slightly creepy. Check it out.

 Large Shake Shack.

 Train. (The only mode of transportation Carrie and I didn't ride on this weekend was a boat and helicopter. Darn. Next time.)

 Skyline view from good ol Newark. Until next time, NYC!!


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